The Story of Boomerang

Boomer started as liquid clay, poured into a mold, painted and fired in a kiln at 2000°F plus. He emerged as a ceramic rooster cookie jar bound for an unimagined “life.”

Gifted from sister to sister, he landed with the late Sylvia Kelly, an ETA member and the mother of Dennis Gregory. Sylvia was not particularly fond of the rooster, and who could blame her? With its beady eyes, stern expression and chipped red paint on its comb and wattle, Boomerang is one foul fowl.

Sylvia decreed that the “ugly thing” be donated to the 2005 ETA fundraiser. And so it was. No one ever thought they would see the bird again. But in 2006, that first “winner” quietly returned the ceramic cockerel, unwittingly starting a tradition that would ensure Boomer’s eventual evolution into the accidental mascot of the ETA.

In 2013, he was named Boomerang by Kitty Rovito — the ideal name for our repeatedly returning mascot — and shortly thereafter began roosting with ETA members revealed each year in a blind drawing at the holiday party. Pull the ticket that says, “Cock-a-doodle-doo! The Rooster goes home with you!!!” and, well, that’s what happens.

Boomerang roosted with Herm and Lorraine Maurer in 2014 and came back with a spiffy new basket and some eggs, laid by an unknown chicken friend. Sadly, 2015 was a year of darkness and neglect as Boomer never made it out of his Il Bastardo wine box, spending the year seasonally hot or cold and forgotten in the garage of Mike and Carol Prince. Once reminded they actually had Boomer, the Princes did find our buried bird and returned him in time for him to move in with Val and Doug Donor, where in 2016 he met his girlfriend, Mademoiselle Boomette.

Boomer and his gal spend 2017 with Joan and Emory Markovic.

In 2019, Julie Gandy featured Boomer in a Facebook posting, marking his debut on social media. At the 2019 holiday party, Julie returned Boomer, along with his wife, Mademoiselle Boomette, and their two identical turkey offspring, who in another life masqueraded as turkey salt and pepper shakers. Julie also revealed that Boomer is with child (despite the fact that he is the male in this “family” of ceramic birds), proven by the two eggs now inside the cookie jar.

2020 was an interesting year for Boomerang.  Coronavirus meant Boomerang had to quarantine with Ginny Sandler and Mademoiselle Boomette.  Boomerang and Boomette welcomed 2 new additions to the family.  Due to the quarantine, Boomer and family stayed with Ginny Sandler for another year.

Quarantine Boomer